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Learn more about our advisory services, including what kind of industries we work with and how we help. At K-ADVISOR LLC., we provide advice for start-ups, turn arounds, and operating businesses, from a one person up to 150 employee companies. We know the techniques that your company needs to succeed and accomplish your goals. Let us help you develop a strong management team that will work hard for you.

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At K-ADVISOR LLC., we provide honest business advice to businesses who are just getting their start, as well as companies that have up to $30 million in revenue. The business advisory services we offer include mature and experienced advice on how to succeed. Our Hastings, Michigan-based company has more than 40 plus years of experience working in industries, such as chemical processing, composite fabrication, iron and steel, pulp and paper, waste water treatment and related industries.

Since 2004, K-ADVISOR LLC. has worked one-on-one with the leaders and CEOs of companies. We do this to better understand your needs and to provide a comprehensive strategy that is built to help you reach your objectives. Our advisors always respect your positions and opinions, but we are not going to be "yes men." We will be upfront about what are  your business challenges after which we can design and implement a plan of action and change. 

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