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Consulting Services for Company Leaders, & CEOs

Whether you are based in Hastings, Michigan, or somewhere else in the nation, you have the ability to work with our business advisors and plan your success.  At K-ADVISOR LLC., we have built our practices around the words of Peter F. Drucker,
"Start with what is right, rather than what is acceptable."
We understand that change is difficult, but our comprehensive advisory services are designed to help your company achieve its objectives.

Our Non-Fee Assessment

We always begin our process with a initial non-fee assessment of your business. We sit down with the CEO or company leader usually at an off-site location.  As a group, we focus on issues and challenges you may be facing. Our advisor will then outline the best action plan for your organization.

Methods We Practice

Learn the techniques that successful corporations use to be competitive, innovative, productive, profitable, proactive, and personally successful. To help your business, we advise:

Business Planning | Mission Statement | Strategic Planning | Change Management | Marketing/Sales Plans | Delegation of Authority | Leadership Mentoring | Performance Measures | Assessment Surveys | Perfomance/Reports | Risk Management | Employee Management | Human Resources | Employee Handbook | Rewards/Incentive Planning | Costing/Pricing | Competition Data | Product/Services Development | M&A Planning | Joint Ventures | Technology Transfer | Budgeting and Forecasting | Purchasing and Supply Chain

Business Analytics

Advising in a Number of Industries

K-ADVISOR LLC.  is experienced to a wide range of industries. We work with companies in fields such as:

Chemical Processing | Composite Fabrication | Pulp & Paper | Iron & Steel | Mining | Semiconductor | Other Related Industries