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About Us

Kenneth Kensington is Founder and Principle Advisor of K-Advisor LLC.  Ken was a start-up entrepreneur 40 plus years ago.  He started a first generation company that specialized in the design and fabrication of process equipment for the processing industries. (Chemical Processing, Iron & Steel, Food Processing, Semi-Conductor, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceutical, Metal Finishing, Waste Water Treatment, and Specialties Chemicals).
Ken's start-up company and team specialize in the application of State-of the -Art composites and advanced materials of construction for corrosion and pollution control applications.

Ken and his team had first hand experiences of the growth stages and the opportunities of an organizations life cycles. The company grew from 1 employee to 150 plus employees.

Ken is a member of Industry Associations, Board Member for profit and non-profit organizations.

Education Experience: Harvard Business School -- OPM 3 year Program, Lawrence Institute of Technology, University of Wisconsin, Michigan State University, and Illinois CPA Foundation.

He resides in Hastings, Michigan with family.